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Welcome to the Revolution in Plant Nutrition with FRUIT FUEL™, your secret weapon for a lush vegetable garden.

At Nutrigrow Solutions™, we believe in delivering nothing less than excellence for your garden. Our FRUIT FUEL™ formula is the result of collaboration between our Lead Scientist and leading growers, supported by the latest scientific insights from top universities.

This synergy has resulted in a product that provides the ideal NPK ratio, specifically tailored to the needs of your most demanding crops, such as peppers, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

By combining practical knowledge and the science of plant nutrition, we have enriched FRUIT FUEL™ with a spectrum of essential minerals and our exclusive E72 formula. This powerful combination works synergistically to not only promote the growth and flowering of plants but also to significantly improve the taste and health of your crops. Users enthusiastically report noticeable acceleration in growth, more abundant blooms, and superior taste of their fruits.

The quality of our ingredients is of the highest standard, with food-grade/lab-grade raw materials that are rigorously tested for purity. This ensures that FRUIT FUEL™ is free from any contamination, a promise as solid as the results it delivers.

This commitment to quality and purity makes FRUIT FUEL™ the trusted choice for both hobby gardeners and professional growers. Our dedication doesn't stop at traditional crops.

Although originally developed for peppers and tomatoes, FRUIT FUEL™ has proven its versatility, successfully applied to a diverse range of garden crops. This makes it an essential addition to any garden, big or small, and an indispensable element for the health and productivity of virtually any plant you grow.

Experience the celebrated consistency and reliability of FRUIT FUEL™ for yourself.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, our formula is designed to deliver exceptional quality and yield, season after season.

Join the community of enthusiastic users who have already seen the difference. When you choose FRUIT FUEL™, you choose the best that nature and science have to offer, bringing your vegetable garden to new heights of vitality and abundance.

Specifications for Succes

  • Total weight for 1000L solution: 1.85 kg - 4.07lb

  • Recommended usage: See Feedchart

  • Suitable mediums: Soil, Coco, Hydroponics

  • Optimized nutrition for pepper and tomatoes

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