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Fruit Fuel™

Fruit Fuel zakken

Perfectly Balanced NPK Ratio

Our FRUIT FUEL™ is meticulously formulated to deliver the ideal NPK ratio, essential for the growth and fruit development of peppers, bell peppers, and tomatoes. This precise balance provides plants with exactly what they need for strong root development, vigorous growth, and an abundant harvest.

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Innovation through Collaboration

The development of FRUIT FUEL™ is the result of intensive collaboration between our Lead Scientist, leading pepper and tomato growers, and renowned universities. This synergy has led to a nutrient solution that is scientifically substantiated and tested in practical situations, enabling us to offer a product of unparalleled quality.

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Tevreden boeren die kweken met fruit fuel
Familie die pepers kweekt op fruit fuel

Superior Results

FRUIT FUEL™ is not only theoretically superior; it has proven its worth through extensive testing and has been recognized by the community of experienced growers. Users report noticeably higher yields and excellent fruit quality, setting our formula apart from the competition.

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Versatility for the Vegetable Garden

Initially developed for peppers and tomatoes, our FRUIT FUEL™ formula has also proven to be highly beneficial for a wide range of other garden crops. This makes it an indispensable nutrient source that enhances the health and productivity of virtually any plant in the vegetable garden.

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Eigenaar kwekerij die happy is met de opbrengst
Kweker die happy is

Recognition from Experienced Gardeners

Our formula is highly regarded by experienced gardeners for its consistency in quality and reliability of results. It’s not just a promise; it’s a proven improvement that gardeners can actually see and taste in their vegetables. Switch to our FRUIT FUEL™ and experience the exceptional quality and yield it will bring to your garden.

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Enrichment with Essential Minerals and E72

FRUIT FUEL™ goes further where others stop. While standard nutrient solutions provide essential nutrients, our unique blend offers a full spectrum of minerals, including our exclusive E72, which plays a key role in stimulating plant growth and flowering. Our customers not only experience faster growth and more abundant blooms but also improved overall health of their crops and fruits that excel in flavor. We are committed to innovation and quality, where other manufacturers draw the line.

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